• Persona 1
  • Persona 2
  • Persona 3

These are the three main personas design for CMperu’s new site. Each of the personas’ cards contains the following information about them:

  • General information: name, age , gender, occupation, marital status
  • Three reasons why each of them would visit the page
  • Three reasons why each of them would frequently return to the site
  • Their own personal Interests
  • Their personality and abilities
  • Their goal
  • If they are computer savvy or not

These personas were design based on morphing all the data collected by research and strategy including: data review from exciting analytics, surveys, competitor analysis, and stakeholder interviews. Most of the analytics data was from reviewing their exciting social media’s data and comments.

Later, I used the  Affinity Diagram approach, which consist in gathering all the usability study about the prospective users and organization’s goal in order to answer questions such as: Who is our users? What do they need to solve? What are their goals? or to identify obstacles. All this finds were put into sticky notes and later group / categorized by relevancy. Each group will have then a ranking on priority that helped identify each of the personas.