Relating With Hart Project

Purpose of the Project: To create a website for advertising Dr. Lori Hart service as a couples therapist serving Pennsylvania and New York. Also in engaging a steady flow of readers to her online articles about the Psychology about Relationships.

Approach: The first thing was to learn about Dr. Hart’s vision and needs. I accomplished this by sending her a Brand Identity and Business requirements questionary, which helped me understand her goals, the problem(s) she is trying to solve, her business unique story, any exciting data analytics or marketing research, etc. Gathering the answers to these questions was part of my initial research and set me in the right direction to continue the competitive analysis, and the idealization process

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Dr. Lori Hart, PhD

I am someone who is not computer savvy so the idea of creating a website was quite daunting to me.  Juan carried me through it from start to finish.  While he had his own vision, he took great care to understand what I was looking for.  He remained steady through the project, meeting deadlines as promised.  He made revisions without batting an eye and answered my relentless questions with the greatest amount of patience.  He was wonderful to work with and created a beautiful design.  I recommend him without reservation.

Dr.  Lori Hart, PhD