UX Personas | CMPeru.com

  • Persona 1
  • Persona 2
  • Persona 3

Usability and Business Goals:

The main goal to create these personas is to identify the main user needs, experiences, behaviors and main business goals for CMPeru. I identified three different personas by interviewing stakeholders, interviewing some users and looking at some analytics.


  1.  An actively religious individual (ex. Priest)
    • Looking to read and write on the website
    • Business goal: Write prayers for the community
  2. An individual actively involved in the community
    • Looking to be part of events and activities. What is new
    • Business goal: Subscribe to the CAVI
  3. A individual no actively involved in the CMPeru community
    • Exploring and curious to learn more about cmperu.com
    • Business goal: 

UX Research Details:

The way I designed the personas is based on morphing all the data collected by research and interviews including: data review from exciting analytics, surveys, competitor analysis, and stakeholder interviews. Most of the analytics data came from reviewing their exciting social media’s data and comments.

Later, I used the  Affinity Diagram approach, which consist in gathering all the usability study about the prospective users and organization’s goal in order to answer questions such as: Who is our users? What do they need to solve? What are their goals? or to identify obstacles. I place all  findings into sticky notes and later group / categorized them by relevancy. Each group will have then a ranking on priority that helped identify each of the personas.

Each of the personas’ cards contains the following information about them:

  • General information: name, age , gender, occupation, marital status
  • Three reasons why each of them would visit the page
  • Three reasons why each of them would frequently return to the site
  • Their own personal Interests
  • Their personality and abilities
  • A goal set for each of them
  • If they are computer savvy or not


Task Success and Confident level: Before the UAT, a single task for the three different personas was presented to a group of representative users for each of the tasks. Because of he small sample size, the tasks success range and confident level ranged between 65% to 100%.


Conversion Rates: I planned to calculate the conversion rates for Persona 1 and 2 because they are the ones that are mainly involved with CMPeru activities. The business look for them to achieve a particular task for each of them. Aside from each of their own conversion goal, I encounter that both personas are very interested on receiving emails with news from CMPeru, Persona 2 are even following closely Persona 1 articles.

Traffic:  I calculated new upcoming traffic mainly for Persona 3 because they are the group of users that did not know about CMPeru or were not heavily involved with CMPeru. Along with Marketing campaigns the new traffic to the site increased over a year and many of them became Persona 2.